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First project and first demo release. Unsure if I'll ever finish it, since this was mainly made for learning purposes, but you never know.
For this demo I focused on the player character and its behavior, everything else is pretty much underdeveloped.
The demo features only a single infinite level with repeating enemies.

It also has a practice room where you can use some debug commands and get a hold of the controls. Debug command bindings are: F1-kill player, F2-give power, F3 toggle infinite resources, F5 spawn lesser enemy, F6 spawn elite enemy, F7 toggle enemy bullets, F8 toggle debug data.

Press F4 to rescale the window size and press F9 ingame to toggle the screenshake effect. Also Alt+Enter to toggle fullscreen.

WASD/Arrow Keys - Movement
I/Z - Primary fire
J/X - Secondary attack
Space - Eclipse Burst
Direction+L/Shift - Evade
Q/C - change secondary weapon

- Eclipse Burst
When you have over 2 power segments you can activate this skill to increase speed and fire rate. Eclipse Burst influences overall skill and move behavior.
The initial burst on activation can destroy enemy bullets. Power is earned through actions such as shooting.
- Evade
Dash in four directions to escape danger. Dash into bullets to absorb them and gain additional power.
- Lunar Scythe
If this weapon is equipped and you have little bit over half a power segment, press the secondary attack button to fire two scythe like projectiles whose damage increases as they travel.
- Orbital Align
Press and hold the secondary attack button to fire a volley of lunar scythes. This move requires over two and a half power segments.
- Fullight Blade
When this weapon is equipped press the secondary attack button to summon a massive rotating blade that reflects hostile bullets and does damage to enemies as well. Requires half a power segment bar.

Have fun.

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Published 13 days ago
TagsShoot 'Em Up
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The Jackal Alpha Demo (3 MB)

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