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You can use arrow keys, enter, backspace, mouse buttons or mouse wheel to navigate the menus. The controls and some gameplay advices are shown under the 'Help & Info' menu in the main menu. The main font is messy and can be hard to read, sorry about that.

Sadly I didn't manage to implement all the features I wanted for this demo in time, so the gameplay is pretty barren.
You can mess with some debug features in the practice room, just try keys like F1~F12 and Numpad, but expect a lot of things to be broken.

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Published 76 days ago
TagsShoot 'Em Up
Average sessionA few seconds


TheJackalAlphaDemo2.1.zip 21 MB
TheJackalAlphaDemo2.1.exe 21 MB


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Lunar scythe itself seems to be a bit too powerful, allowing me to nearly skip phase 2 of your elite enemy. So I'm able to easily spam lunar scythe due to the low power requirement and deal double the damage than what orbital align would give me plus not waste as much power. I'm very keen on the OST, thanks for that. Ship hitbox being just the 'body' also gives me hope of one day actually being good at shmups. Moon reaper only acts as a shield since the random reflection of enemy bullets make it near impossible to hit anyone. Good luck.

Thanks for the feedback, yeah the weapons aren't properly balanced yet, but I'm working on it. Sadly I'll have to disappoint you when it comes to OST since I took this one from another game, the next demo might not have any music, though I plan to try my hand at writing one.
I'll see what I can do with the blade weapon, generally I'm still shuffling around ideas on how both of them should work and what will their benefits be.