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Once again my demo is very dry on content, sorry about that. However you can still have some fun with it by checking out the mechanics and how the game feels to play. Any possible feedback is appreciated.

Z/S/C for Shoot/Hyper/Evade, Arrow Keys to move
Use the Arrow Keys, Escape and Enter to navigate the menus

If the game seems to be running in slow motion, try toggling Vsync in game settings.
Also there's no proper Game Over screen, once you're out of lives and continues, you're booted back to the main menu.
Keyboard and Gamepad(XInput) are supported both in menus and game and are also rebindable. Depending on your gamepad's deadzone you may experience odd movement behavior. If this happens, unfortunately you'll have to play with the keyboard. Deadzone tweaking setting will be added in the future.

The need to knows:
- Your Energy recharges automatically
- Energy recharges faster when you aren't shooting
- You do more damage at close range.
- When your Energy is Max you will automatically execute a fast and powerful melee attack that can also destroy green bullets.
- If you're hit during an Evade, you will ignore the hit, but your invincibility will go on a short cooldown.
You'll still be able to use the Evade during this cooldown, but taking a hit mid-dash results in taking damage.
- The close range melee attack can also be used during evade
- Your score multiplier is directly tied to the amount of energy you have
- Doing quick kills in succession will award you with the Killchain bonus points for each kill after you've chained 3 kills. After 7 kills your awarded Genocide bonus that doubles the amount of bonus points earned for each kill.
- Use Eclipse Burst(essentially a hyper mode) when you have enough Energy to rack up quick kills and increase the Killchain. Also during Eclipse Burst your score multiplier will always be max.
- When Eclipse burst is activated it'll destroy surrounding green bullets and provide a very short moment of invulnerability, however your Evade will be put on a cooldown.

Work in progress, development of the game can followed here https://angryghoust.tumblr.com/ 

Published Sep 08, 2017
TagsShoot 'Em Up
Average sessionA few seconds


TheJackal_AlphaDemo3.exe 7 MB


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Lunar scythe itself seems to be a bit too powerful, allowing me to nearly skip phase 2 of your elite enemy. So I'm able to easily spam lunar scythe due to the low power requirement and deal double the damage than what orbital align would give me plus not waste as much power. I'm very keen on the OST, thanks for that. Ship hitbox being just the 'body' also gives me hope of one day actually being good at shmups. Moon reaper only acts as a shield since the random reflection of enemy bullets make it near impossible to hit anyone. Good luck.

Thanks for the feedback, yeah the weapons aren't properly balanced yet, but I'm working on it. Sadly I'll have to disappoint you when it comes to OST since I took this one from another game, the next demo might not have any music, though I plan to try my hand at writing one.
I'll see what I can do with the blade weapon, generally I'm still shuffling around ideas on how both of them should work and what will their benefits be.